Squabbles and indiscretions at home?

Squabbles can occur read help with Best Friends Pet Lodge

Squabbles at home? If you have more than one dog then there is always a possibility that there may be some sort of squabble or indiscretion between the dogs. This is obviously more likely to happen in multi-dog families where good dog management is essential. Observing body language and controlling tense situations It is advisable […]

How to behave

If you are a parent or owner of a dog it is your responsibility to teach your children how to behave around dogs and vice-versa. In many cases, if proper training and education are not taken seriously from the beginning, disasters can occur. The safety and well-being of both child and dog involved are far […]

Walk to heel and loose lead

Dogs that are a pleasure to walk get walked more often! Teach your dogs to enjoy their walks and behave well when on the lead. Start with a basic foundation of teaching “heel”. This is the same as teaching sit, down or any other position. The hard part about the heel position is that this […]

8 Things to consider before deciding on a pet lodge for your dogs

For most families, there will come a time when you will need somebody to take care of your dogs. Whether you are going on holiday or a business trip, you will need to make sure that your furkids get the very best care until you are back home with them. Your furkid deserves only the […]

5 Things to Consider When Booking a Dog Trainer

Steve Mann workshops at Dogtown

Steve Mann, founder and chairman of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers the leading provider for dog trainers and behaviourists put these tips together to help when choosing a dog trainer for your puppy. Forget about your dog, would you want this person training you? It’s not about the trainer taking your dog and doing the […]