Luxury Pet Accommodation

What sets Best Friends Pet Lodge apart from any other pet lodge is the personal care and attention that we offer to make your furkid’s stay as natural and enjoyable as possible. With daily walks, adventures, games and cuddles, you can relax and enjoy your holiday knowing your precious furkid is in good hands. The experience is even more unique with our daily photo updates of your furkid’s stay.

Qualified Dogtown staff members run best Friends pet Lodge, and with only 12 luxury cabanas, you know your furkid will get the personal attention they need. 

Daily Enrichment

Each day our guests get enrichment and playtime tailored to their needs. With quality and well planned daily enrichment provided by internationally qualified staff. The guests at Best Friends Pet Lodge receive the best care while they enjoy their vacation in a tranquil setting. 

One form of enrichment we use is food enrichment. This we do through slow feeders, scatter feeding and lick mats.

Walks and Adventures

Best Friends Pet Lodge is set in the beautiful mountains between Hennops River and Hartbeespoort Dam. Each day, our guests take in the beautiful surroundings on their walks.

Each guest’s daily walks are tailored to their fitness level. We have multiple, multiple play areas our guests walk to and visit. We also have mountain trail walks for our fit and adventurous guests that want to try out our mountain hikes.

Positive Reinforcement

When your dog is here with us at Best Friends Pet Lodge. Rest assured we will enrich their lives with only positive reinforcement.
We understand you as the clients are entitled to your opinions but we will not tolerate choke collars, electric collars, physically hitting of your dog on our property.
We aim to make this a pleasurable experience for your dogs and we insist that you follow our guidance on how to treat your dog while at our facilities.
Remember if you are struggling with any behaviour issues please let us know. We are qualified to help you and to build a better bond with your dog. Physical abuse and training methods that cause pain and discomfort for your dog will not suddenly cure them of the behaviour you do not like. It will only cause your dog to be scared of you and damage the bond you have with your dog.