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From back yard to doggy wonderland

Here are three easy activities for you to create in your back yard. It will take little effort from your side to set up, and it will make a huge difference in your dog’s day. These activities are great for all dogs, of all ages and it will give them a different experience in the […]

Four of my favorite food dispensing toys for dogs

Here are four of my favorite basic food dispensing toys for dogs. These food dispensing toys need very little input from you so you can relax with a book or a movie, and your dog can relax with his awesome toy. There are many versions of these toys, but if you have at least the […]

Does your dog have the feels?

Dogs are amazing, they can sense things before we even know what is happening. Assist dogs sense anxiety attacks and seizures before they happen and can warn their human. Many dogs have been bred with a specific temperament so that they could be service dogs. Generally many dogs just naturally have the feels. Animal feels […]