5 Things to Consider When Booking a Dog Trainer

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Steve Mann, founder and chairman of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers the leading provider for dog trainers and behaviourists put these tips together to help when choosing a dog trainer for your puppy.

  1. Forget about your dog, would you want this person training you?
  2. It’s not about the trainer taking your dog and doing the handling themselves, it’s about them training you to train your dog.
  3. Make sure they always explain the why behind every exercise. An average trainer explains the what and how, a good trainer explains why.
  4. If their instructions don’t make sense, don’t do it. You need to 100% on board to ensure compliance and consistency
  5. Check them out! Dog training is a professional industry. If you think hiring a professional is expensive, be aware that hiring an amateur could really cost you.

Steve Mann workshops at Dogtown

Steve Mann, who has presented dog training courses worldwide, will be presenting courses at the Dogtown SA workshops with an emphasis on positive and ethical training techniques. He will share his experience in dealing with all dog training problems, behaviour issues and owner challenges.

Steve Mann can be seen on ITV’s Lorraine, BBC’s Breakfast Show and Channels 4’s ‘Paul O’Grady Show’.

Click here to join his Facebook group.


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