Myth Busting 101

Which are the smartest, cats, dogs or elephants? I’m sure you have seen or have even been a part of this, let’s call it a debate. Which are smarter, cats or dogs? I threw elephants in there with good reason, and all shall be revealed in this blog post. This is much more complicated than […]

Reward your dog – determining the value

Positive reinforcement is when we deliver something pleasant to a dog, so that we can teach the dog to do the behaviour more often. Our go to reward, is usually food because most dogs love to eat and most dogs love treats. We do get some odd balls who can not be phased with food, […]

Engaging your dog’s brain with 5-minute activities

You often hear us talk about how important it is for your dog to have a mental release, so if you feel like you need a couple of pointers on how to achieve that, this post is for you. There are hundreds of ways to stimulate your dog’s grey matter from something as simple as […]