Avoid panic at the vet’s reception

Most dogs do not visit the vet very often, and when it’s time for them to go for their vaccinations or a check up, it can be quite daunting for them.  They generally do not choose to go themselves, so they are trusting us to keep them safe as they wander into the unknown. The […]

How did we get here?

I’ve been waiting for the calm after the storm, but it just does not seem to come. Usually around Christmas and new year’s we see so many dogs wandering the streets, having gotten lost. Social media is filled with posts of people looking for their dogs. Previously, this started to calm down around the middle […]

Dog in a crate

There are times when you may need to have your dog in a crate, here are 9 reasons why you should crate train them and 7 steps to training them. Why crate training? Crates are useful tools in dog ownership as well as giving dogs a safe retreat from life at any time they wish. […]

T, t, t, Ttouch me… that’s Tellington Ttouch

Ttouch in a nutshell (scroll down for a video) Tellington Ttouch is a gentle, non-invasive method to work with animals.  It has many, many and some more layers to it. It mainly consists of two parts; body work and ground work.  When we apply the Ttouch method to our work, we tap into the animal’s nervous system, […]

Caring for your dog in summer

Tersha, the chief caregiver, cuddler and Ttouch provider put together these 10 tips to help you and your pooch through the summer months. Never leave your dog in the car! Even opening a window or parking in the shade does not offer the right protection that your dog needs. If you are out and about […]