Your fully house trained dog has started to wee wee in the house again. What gives? In today’s blog post we look at possible reasons why your dog might have started to eliminate in the house again, as well as some ideas on how to curb this unwanted behaviour…again…

There are a couple of medical or behavioral reasons why your furkid might have to wee wee and just could not hold it, to mention a few obvious ones


To make it fun, I use the word Yippee! When I want to mark and reward when a dog wee’s and want to put it on cue. It’s so much easier when you have limited time for some reason and you need your dog to hurry up. So you can teach your dog to wee wee when you ask him to. To start teaching this, say the word Yipee! As soon as your dog relieves himself outside, and yes, give him a treat. Your timing is going to be really important because you want to mark (excuse the pun) the exact correct behavior. Think about it as if you are waiting to take a picture with your camera at a precise moment, one second too late, and you’ve missed the shot. (The things we do for our dogs).

Keep this up until your dog associates the word Yipee! With him relieving himself. You’ll knofw he knows what it means if he can do the behavior when you ask for it. If he can’t, keep capturing the behavior and giving those treats.

For more information on the use of rewards during training have a look at one of our previous blog posts: Reward your dog – determining the value

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