Private Cabanas accommodate two dogs from the same family.

Rates as of 1st of March 2022

Off peak rate per cabana, per day is R275.00
Peak rate per cabana, per day is R385.00 

An additonal rate of R110 per day will be charged for dogs over and above the 2 included in the daily rate.

Board and Train packages are also available if you would like to include specific training sessions for your furkid/s during their stay. Please contact us to discuss the training programmes.

Day Care

We understand how stressful it might be for you as well as your furkid’s to adjust to the new normal after lockdown.    We offer a half day (R50) as well as a full day (R70) Doggo Day Care option where your furkid will be kept busy and enriched with doggie-centered activities.

If you would like for us to add a specific training session to your furkid’s day care, please contact us to discuss the training programmes which wil be designed according to your furkid’s needs.

Remedial Socialisation for older pups

Understandably, many puppies missed out on their early socialisation classes during that critical period, due to lockdown.This could lead to many unwanted behaviours and often a stand-offish and aloof atitude towards people and other animals.

We offer remedial socialisation sessions for older pups, to help them learn to navigate through their lives in a balanced way.  Booking them into the lodge for a half day would cover their session and a little bit of extra TLC.   Contact us so that we can assess your pupper’s needs and design a tailored programme for him/her.

One on One training sessions

These training sessions are  by appointment only and will only be available once the Lockdown rules allow it.

You will receive a background form to complete, this will give your furkid’s trainer more information about the issue/s.  Depending on what the issue is, you might also be asked for video footage, as dogs rarely display the problem behaviour while at a consult, and we never coax a dog into exhibiting the problem behaviour.

After we have received your completed form, an appointment will be made for the first consultation, which could take up to two-hours.   You will receive some exercises to start with followed by a training programme via e-mail.    Follow up consultations will depend on progress made, other issues at hand, practical assistance, etc.